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How Not To Do Feng Shui!

The following post is one in a series of how not to do Feng Shui! Whilst there are some relevant points made in the presentation, for the most part, we are looking at a style of Feng Shui that doesn’t really have a place in the modern world. This is superstition driven stuff…. magical/mystical thinking, that for anyone with any intelligence, will leave you calling BS. This is the stuff that gives the practice of Feng Shui a bad name. We have included a transcript of the video…

“Feng Shui What helps you to have better sleep and peaceful life? Sometimes we feel very sleepy, but we get out of sleep as soon as we lay on bed It will be very difficult to sleep and even if we sleep, we may get nightmares And finally it leads to restlessness If you are facing this problem, then follow the tips suggested by Feng Shui experts And have peaceful sleep every day According to Feng Shui, it seems mirors should not be placed in bedrooms Mirrors placed in bedroom would create health problems See, do we know this? It will be a wonder if we do not have mirror in our bedroom Okay, now we will remove the mirror what we have in our bedroom Oh, is it not possible to remove? Or else do like this…”


“Cover the mirror from top to bottom with a beautiful curtain Use that mirror only when you need it. It seems double cots should not be placed in bedroom It must be a single cot bed and we should not join the double cots It is not advisable to join the double bed with a mattress on it According to Feng Shui experts… Sleeping on this double cot bed may ruin the relationship between wife and husband So we must replace the double cot bed with a single cot bed And some other tips by Feng Shui experts to lead a peaceful life It seems by hanging the tinkling bells at front door…

It clears the negative energy and brings positive energy into your home, so hang the tinkling bells with at least two metal bells in front of your home. It looks beautiful and also promotes the positive energy Many people used to place the medicines in the kitchen. It is a big mistake, it seems. Separate space must be allotted for medicines… Somewhere in hall or in a cupboard near TV Keeping medicines inside the kitchen attracts negative energies Decorate your doors with Om symbols Then you could feel so much positive energy You may be very fond of art works… But do not place the posters like painting with a girl weeping… Warfare paintings, angry person, painting in black colour or an Owl If you have any one of these… Replace them immediately with paintings of beautiful birds and which resemble the nature By practicing these simple tips.. Feng Shui experts says that we can acquire peaceful life and good sleep”

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