Destination Guide to Austin | Texas | USA

Find Out More About Austin Feng Shui Services operates an office in Austin. It’s a great place with a thriving alternative community. Feng Shui is an important component to the success of the city. In this article we are featuring the city from a more conventional viewpoint… more of a visitors guide if you like! Even […]

A Guide To Houston – City Video Guide

A Guide To Houston, Texas Houston is the home of Feng Shui Services and as a celebration of the great city, we wanted to publish a short article about some of the general attractions for which Houston is famous. We hope you find this both interesting and helpful. Houston is situated near the Gulf of […]

Feng Shui for a Peaceful Home

How Not To Do Feng Shui! The following post is one in a series of how not to do Feng Shui! Whilst there are some relevant points made in the presentation, for the most part, we are looking at a style of Feng Shui that doesn’t really have a place in the modern world. This is […]

How to Achieve Flow State with Feng Shui

What I want to talk to you about was this model called the Find Your Flow model, which was created by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi you can read about it in his book, Flow. For me, someone who’s been working in peak performance and mental toughness work for a really long time, one of the things that I […]

Feng Shui Principles in Holistic Logo Design

The twentieth-century psychologist Carl Jung referred to symbols as the language of the unconscious. Your logo is a remarkably important and powerful component of your business. It conveys a message about who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. One of the services that Will LeStrange offers to his clients is Holistic […]

Recommended Reading

Recommended Feng Shui Reading You may order directly from this page. “Flying Star” Feng Shui Made Easy, Second Edition, By David Twicken Most of the books on Classical Feng Shui focus on the Environment, the East-West or Eight Mansions system and a Two Star – Flying Star system. The Three Star-Flying Star system is usually […]

Feng Shui Remedies

The Five Element Feng Shui Remedies For Classical Feng Shui In Classical Feng Shui, the five elements or representations of the five elements are always used as remedies to enhance positive energies or to neutralize negative energies. When using the five elements as remedies, the elements are chosen based on complex calculations based on factors such […]

Feng Shui Links

Useful Feng Shui Resources These Feng Shui links have been placed  as a way of reaching other sites related to Feng Shui and Chinese culture.  Some of the links are here as reciprocal links for those who have been kind enough to have a link from their site to ours.  Some links hold contradicting information […]

Are You Living in a Healthy Home?

So you have your healthy diet working for you, you’ve got your exercise program all worked out, you’re drinking plenty of clean water and getting a good nights sleep and managing your stress levels… You feel like your feng shui is pretty good, your home looks and feels good, but you are still not feeling on […]

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