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Many top companies are using Feng Shui with great success.

Creating the right, thriving environment for your business can make a massive difference to performance, productivity, and profit. 

Discover how you can apply this powerful tool to your business with immediate results

Feng Shui for Buying/Selling Houses in Houston TxAre you are having difficulties selling a property in the Houston area?

Do you feel unsure about a home you have purchased? 

Does the property have a history of illness, bankruptcy, burgulary or bad luck?

Learn how Feng Shui can benefit both buyers & sellers!

About Will LeStrange

Will and Dalai Lama Feng Shui in Houston

Will LeStrange is the owner of Feng Shui Houston and a leader in the field of Feng Shui and Holistic Environmental Design.

With over 20 years experience, he has a rare understanding of people and buildings. 

Inspired by surviving a near death accident, he is passionate about expanding the healing applications of Holistic Feng Shui in the Houston area.

He is the creator of the Modern Feng Shui Method, Arrange Your Space for Success and The Seven Stages of Holistic Alignment, innovative systems which integrate Traditional Feng Shui with environmental psychology, holistic healthcare, eco-build, kinesiology, interior design and personal development.

Will helps clients all around the world and has had the honor of providing his services for The Dalai Lama.

Our second home had been a "wreck-with-potential" when Will took on the job, and it became a house featured on the UK property TV program 'Location, Location, Location' (it won this contest!). Will is a well-read, educated man and a true artist. He is a great listener - I would recommend him without hesitation in almost every application of his impressive talents.

Davy Ray Moor

Company : Bath Spa University
Designation : Senior Lecturer, Commercial Music BA (Hons)
Feng Shui Testimonial 1

Spent a fantastic day with Will at our new location. He was amazing. Extremely insightful to both the facilities and myself and team members. Really helped me "dig in" and get very clear about my focus, my opportunities and more. I highly recommend Will to anyone that understands the importance of a holistic balance, spirituality and health and well-being of your business.

Doug Stein

Company : CEO, Mad-Style. www.mad-style.com
Designation : Fortune 500 company

Working with Will is an amazing experience. I’m a true believer in Feng Shui. Over the past eighteen years, I have lived in three homes. Each home was chosen very carefully to meet the changing needs of my family. Each time Will LeStrange played a major role in helping us find that “special place” where the Feng Shui was right for all of us.

Kate Maryon

Company : Self Employed
Designation : Children's Author

Will, I can't thank you enough for your time this weekend. Paul and I were enlightened, inspired and felt truly liberated from the consultation. We haven't stopped talking about our experience. We can already feel a difference in the home. I'm so grateful that you opened our eyes to these opportunities.

JoAnna Darst

Company : Brown-Forman
Designation : Director, Global Integrated Communications; Tequilas at Brown-Forman

Let's Get Started... What Kind of Help Do You Need?

We Offer A Range of Feng Shui, Home Harmonizing & Holistic Design Solutions

for Clients in the Houston Area


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People from around the Houston area come to us because they are experiencing some kind of issue or frustration with their home or office and need help finding a solution.

Their problems typically include issues with poor health, difficulties arising from money, relationships, family, children, career or direction in life.

Many clients come to us for advice on design, decorating, colors and placement with the desire to make their home more relaxed and welcoming.

Whatever the situation, we can help you create the type of surroundings that will support the kind of life you would like to be living.

If you've been trying to fix a problem and not yet succeeded, give us a call, we are always here to help

Here's What We Do

Holistic Feng Shui Covers Everything You Need to Create a Healthy, Productive,

Life-enhancing Place To Live, Work or Play 

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To Find Out More... Call:  832-769-5527

Please Feel Free to Give Me a Quick Call 

I'm Here To Answer All of Your Questions About How Feng Shui can Help You!

The best way to quickly discover if Feng Shui can help transform your particular situation is to call Will LeStrange for a Free 20-minute discovery session.

It is an opportunity for you to chat with Will about your project and the things that are bothering you.  You will be able to get all of your questions answered and discover if a consultation is the best way forward (we promise this will not be some unpleasant sales pitch)

Will is an expert at helping homeowners in Houston align their homes and workplaces into stress-free, vibrant environments that support modern life and profoundly assist on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves. 

During the 20-minute call, he will share some immediately actionable tips and techniques, to get you started, plus you will have a clear feeling if he is the right person to help.

Headshot of Will LeStrange Houston Feng Shui Expert

Top 10 Reasons For Using Feng Shui

There are Many Benefits to Using Feng Shui, Here are Just a Few...

1. Feng Shui's function is to increase and improve the energy flow of homes and workplaces.

2. Feng Shui brings balance to one’s life and helps with mindfulness.

3. Feng Shui will help improve relationships between people and facilitate better communication.

4. Feng Shui is used to energize your environment to become a magnet for opportunities and prosperity.

5. Feng Shui improves the commercial value of property and assists with buying and selling property



6. Feng Shui can help to avoid negative influences such as geopathic stress and EMF (electromagnetic) pollution.

7. Feng Shui can harmonise your environments for optimum living and work.

8. Feng Shui can help with health issues, such as stress, sleep, and personal energy levels.

9. Feng Shui improves aesthetic appeal.

10. Feng Shui helps to increase your personal luck factor.

(Luck is not some random thing, but rather something we cultivate to help with progress).


To Find Out More... Call:  832-769-5527

Read More About Feng Shui Consultation Services in Houston

A Modernized Holistic Approach to Feng Shui

Modern Life requires something more than traditional Feng Shui,

It requires a system of Holistic Environmental Design...

The world is a rapidly changing place and whilst the foundation of traditional Feng Shui remains true and effective, certain aspects of the practice are required to further evolve. 

Over the last twenty years at Feng Shui Houston, Will has developed an innovative, approach that combines old and new in an integrative and Holistic way.

It draws from the most relevant aspects of traditional Feng Shui, coupled with tried and tested techniques from Modern Environmental Psychology, Color Therapy, Holistic Healthcare, and Sustainable "Eco-build" practices.

It's called The Modern Feng Shui Method and it offers a powerful framework for lasting positive change.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been practicing Feng Shui? 

Over 20 years, I started in 1995

What system of Feng Shui do you practice? 

After studying all the systems over the years, I currently practice a Holistic system of Feng Shui… a synthesis of everything I’ve learned.

What are your credentials? 

Numerous! (There's a pretty long answer to this please click here for more details…)

Does your practice have a specialty focus? 

Yes, Empowerment..! I focus on empowering my clients to quickly understand the basics of good Feng Shui so that they can apply the principles with success long after I’m gone!

What kind of Solutions do you recommend?

I offer very practical solutions that are not to do with superstition, “cures” or filling your home with feng shui “nicknacks”

My solutions are based on common sense, good design and the natural flow of healthy Chi… all of which is focussed on the specific needs of each client. To help get you clear, remove your blocks and you moving forward.

What can I expect during a Feng Shui Houston consultation? 

During a consultation, you will start to see your home or business in a completely different light.

I will introduce you to different ways in which you can align your space to support your specific need.

We will have a discussion about the key issues you are dealing with, we will do a walk-through of your place, with me giving ideas and detailed instructions on how to get the most out of your place.

Often times, if the place needs rearranging, we will roll up our sleeves and start resetting rooms etc

How long does a consultation take? 

A typical consultation lasts 4-hours. This is required to cover the entire space

After the consultation there is a 30-day support period, during which you have 24/7 email access to me, will 1 x 15min phone call per week.

Do you charge by the hour or flat rate? 

I charge a flat fee for both site visits and Skype consultations. For larger, on-going design projects I offer a per/hour rate.

Are you available for follow-up questions? 

Yes always, it is an essential part of my consultation process.

I offer an optional 30-day follow-up support program where you get regular check-ins with me to help keep you on track. Email or text whenever any thought pops up that you would like more information

Email or text whenever any thought pops up that you would like more information or suggestions on specifics for implementing an adjustment.

Can you provide references and/or examples of your work? 

Yes, both for business and residential, please feel free to give me a call, I have a list of previous clients, students and case studies

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the consultation? 

I would encourage you to thoughtfully write out three life goals you’d like to focus on. A blueprint of the space is highly beneficial and should be drawn out or procured prior to the consultation time. Otherwise, there is no need to do cleaning or organizing (unless you wish to).

The Feng Shui of Houston

A Look at The Growth of Houston

In analysing the Feng Shui of Houston, we like to pay attention to how well a city is developing by revenue, population and overall growth.

The following information comes from www.houstontx.gov

  • Houston ranks second in employment growth rate and fourth in nominal employment growth among the 10 most populous metro areas in the U.S. In 2006, the Houston metropolitan area ranked first in Texas and third in the U.S. within the category of "Best Places for Business and Careers" by Forbes magazine.

  For more info click here

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