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Feng Shui can dramatically change the way your home looks and feels.

Providing benefits to your health, increasing wealth, creating more harmonious relationships and general success in life...

Find out how Feng Shui can transform your surroundings & improve the way you live!

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Many big businesses are using Feng Shui to increase their success.

Creating the right, thriving environment for your organization can make a measurable difference to profit, productivity, and performance.

Discover how you can apply Feng Shui to your business with immediate results!

Feng Shui for Buying/Selling Houses in Round Rock TxAre you experiencing difficulties selling a home in Round Rock?

Do you feel unsure about a property you have bought? 

Have you discovered your property has a history of illness, bankruptcy or bad luck?

Learn how Feng Shui can work for buyers & sellers in the Round Rock

About Will LeStrange

Feng Shui Consultant - Will LeStrange with Dalai Lama

Will LeStrange is the owner of Feng Shui Round Rock and a leader in the world of Feng Shui.

He has been consulting for over 20-years and has a rare insight into the relationship between people and buildings. 

After surviving a near death accident, he discovered the importance of Feng Shui in his ability to recover to full health

He is the creator of the Modern Feng Shui Method, Arrange Your Space for Success and The Seven Stages of Holistic Alignment.

These are systems that help people consciously design their surroundings in order to experience the kind of life they dream of.

Will helps clients all around the world and has had the honor of providing his services for The Dalai Lama.

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Many clients from around the Round Rock area come to us for advice on design, decorating, colors and placement with the desire to make their home more relaxed and welcoming.

Many clients are also experiencing some kind of problem or frustration with the way their life is going and feel that their home or workplace is somehow connected to the issue.

Poor health, difficulties arising with money, kids, family, relationships, career and direction in life are common issues.

Whatever the situation, we can help. We have years of experience in dealing with the most challenging situations.

If you've been trying to fix a problem and not yet succeeded, give us a call, we are always here to help

Here's a Selection of What We Do

Our Holistic approach to Feng Shui Covers Everything You Need to Create a Healthy, Optimized Home or Work Space!

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To Find Out More... Call:  (512) 861-6900

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Will LeStrange - Feng Shui Services

10 Top Reasons For Applying Feng Shui

Here are Some of The Advantages of Using Feng Shui...

1. Feng Shui's function is to increase and improve the energy flow of homes and workplaces.

2. Feng Shui brings balance to one’s life and helps with mindfulness.

3. Feng Shui will help improve relationships between people and facilitate better communication.

4. Feng Shui is used to energize your environment to become a magnet for opportunities and prosperity.

5. Feng Shui improves the commercial value of property and assists with buying and selling property



6. Feng Shui can help to avoid negative influences such as geopathic stress and EMF (electromagnetic) pollution.

7. Feng Shui can harmonise your environments for optimum living and work.

8. Feng Shui can help with health issues, such as stress, sleep, and personal energy levels.

9. Feng Shui improves aesthetic appeal.

10. Feng Shui helps to increase your personal luck factor.

(Luck is not some random thing, but rather something we cultivate to help with progress).



Here's What Our Clients Are Saying...!

Our second home had been a "wreck-with-potential" when Will took on the job, and it became a house featured on the UK property TV program 'Location, Location, Location' (it won this contest!). Will is a well-read, educated man and a true artist. He is a great listener - I would recommend him without hesitation in almost every application of his impressive talents.

Davy Ray Moor

Company : Bath Spa University
Designation : Senior Lecturer, Commercial Music BA (Hons)
Feng Shui Testimonial 1

Spent a fantastic day with Will at our new location. He was amazing. Extremely insightful to both the facilities and myself and team members. Really helped me "dig in" and get very clear about my focus, my opportunities and more. I highly recommend Will to anyone that understands the importance of a holistic balance, spirituality and health and well-being of your business.

Doug Stein

Company : CEO, Mad-Style. www.mad-style.com
Designation : Fortune 500 company

Working with Will is an amazing experience. I’m a true believer in Feng Shui. Over the past eighteen years, I have lived in three homes. Each home was chosen very carefully to meet the changing needs of my family. Each time Will LeStrange played a major role in helping us find that “special place” where the Feng Shui was right for all of us.

Kate Maryon

Company : Self Employed
Designation : Children's Author

Will, I can't thank you enough for your time this weekend. Paul and I were enlightened, inspired and felt truly liberated from the consultation. We haven't stopped talking about our experience. We can already feel a difference in the home. I'm so grateful that you opened our eyes to these opportunities.

JoAnna Darst

Company : Brown-Forman
Designation : Director, Global Integrated Communications; Tequilas at Brown-Forman

To Find Out More... Call:  (512) 861-6900

More of our Feng Shui Services in Round Rock Tx

A Modernized Holistic Approach to Feng Shui

Modern Life requires something more than traditional Feng Shui,

It requires a system of Holistic Environmental Design...

Over the last twenty years at Feng Shui Round Rock, Will LeStrange has developed an integrative approach that combines Traditional Feng Shui with modern design, and personal development techniques.

The world is rapidly changing and whilst the foundation of traditional Feng Shui remains useful, certain aspects have benefitted from being modernized.

Will's innovative system also includes, Modern Environmental Color Therapy, Holistic Healthcare, Psychology and Sustainable "Eco-build" practices.

It's called The Modern Feng Shui Method and it offers a uniquely powerful framework for holistic living.



Frequently Asked Questions

What system of Feng Shui do you practice? 

I currently practice a Holistic system of Feng Shui… a synthesis of everything I’ve learned from all the traditions.

How long have you been practicing Feng Shui? 

Over 20-years

Does your practice have a specialty focus? 

My focus is on finding solutions for the problems the client is experiencing

What kind of Solutions do you recommend?

My solutions are based on balance and harmony expressed through good design and the gentle flow of Chi… 

What can I expect during a Feng Shui Round Rock consultation? 

I will introduce you to the different ways in which you can realign your surroundings to support your specific need.

How long does a consultation take? 

A typical consultation on-site, lasts 4-hours. 

Do you charge by the hour or flat rate? 

My charges vary according to the type of consultation that you need. Please feel free to give me a call for a quote.

Are you available for follow-up questions? 

I offer a 30-day, follow-up, support program where you get regular check-ins with me to help keep you on track. You can contact me via email or text whenever you have questions or need support.

Can you provide references and/or examples of your work? 

I have a list of previous clients, students and case studies, you are welcome to contact them for references.

The Feng Shui of Round Rock

A Look at The History of Round Rock

city hall round rock tx

The library building stands on a corner lot on the Main Street in downtown Round Rock, the site of the Sam Bass shootout of 1878. The library's plot of land has been used by a variety of business and by the City of Round Rock. The current library building, c. 1997, was designed by architect Ray Gill of the firm Ray Gill Architects, with a design that reflected the site's local history.[2] The Library building was named for Robert G. and Helen Griffith, two residents who led in starting and maintaining the library.[3] 

Click here for the full article

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Manchaca, Buda, West Lake Hills, Leander, Webberville.

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